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Works on paper & driftwood - ballpoint pen ink and watercolor

Inspired by the concept of the Rhizome after Phylosophers Deleuze & Guattari

  • 3. Principle of multiplicity: only when

  • the multiple is effectively treated as a substantive, “multiplicity” that it ceases       to have any relation to the One​

  • 4. Principle of asignifying rupture: a rhizome may be broken, but it will start up again on one of its old lines, or on new lines

  • 5 and 6: Principle of cartography and decalcomania: a rhizome is not amenable to any structural or generative model; it is a “map and not a tracing”

Oneline, one force, one movement, one flow.

A reflection on the interconnection of being human,

the organism that we are.

A gesture of free expression at the moment

in a state of flow.


Mural commission for the Iglesias Hotel, Holbox, Mexico 

xdxfghjn m.jpg

Window Display for the Radio Tulum Boutique

An ode to Picasso, Light painting,
Joshua Tree  National Park, California


Digital Oneliner, Pattern Design
for Fabric Print


Wynwood Walls , Miami

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